Pre-sale Service

Pre-sale consulting by skilled and experienced engineers. Overseas offices can provide on-site consultation and service Provide pick up service when visit workshop Whole machines can be highly customized based on requirements Provide turnkey solution easy to start new business

Sale Service

Continuously informing customer about project progress. Arrange customer coming for machine inspection and testing Machine packing according to customer import regulation Free spare parts to ensure machine can work for long time

After-sale Service

Provide necessary technical documents for guidance; Provide guarantee period for machinery; Provide on-site installation, commissioning, training; Provide lifelong service, on site repair and upgrade for machine; Sufficient spare parts in stock ensure quick delivery.


Provide customers with a 2-year accessory return and exchange service free of charge, and customers are not required to bear express delivery costs. For accessories that have passed the warranty period, we provide a 20% discount for new customers.

Project Cases

Total3 lines—PE20-630mm three layers pipe extrusion line

This is the first time our company has cooperated with Xinrong. There are 3 production lines in total, and each one is running great! I inspected the factory before placing the order and they were really professional. Sales and engineers were very responsive! thanks everyone!

Since 2017, have purchased more than 20 production lines from our company, and the PE solid wall pipe reach to 1200mm.

We have purchased a lot of equipment from Xinrong from 2016 to 2024. Every engineer and salesman has provided very attentive service. The quality of the equipment is beyond doubt. Very Good! Thanks!

Purchase our high-configuration PE20-110 high-speed pipe production line

Thanks to the engineer for debugging for us, everything went smoothly from placing the order to debugging the equipment. Thank you to all the staff at Xinrong.

PE630 Pipe Extrusion Line

After long time working, Xinrong’s machine is in line with our expectations. After sale service is even beyong our expectations!

PE1200 pipe production line

Before we placed an order, we carefully inspected the factory. There are factories in many countries that you can visit. So we chose Xingrong. The equipment is very good, and the engineers and sales responded very professionally. It ran smoothly! Thank you everyone for your efforts~

PE63 Pipe Extrusion Line, PE250 Pipe Extrusion Line, PE630 Pipe Extrusin Line, PE400 Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line

Before our company purchased several PE pipe extrusion line from Xinrong, they are working without problem. So we choose Xinrong again for PE double wall corrugated pipe extrusion line, unitil now the machine is working good.

3 lines–PE180-315 two layers pipe production line

Thanks to Xinrong sales and engineers for their efforts. The production line is perfect and the quality is very good.

PE450 Pipe Extrusion Line, PE200 Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Line, PE800 Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Line

Thanks for all works done by Xinrong. We are statisfied with Xinrong’s machinery, Xinrong’s service and Xinrong’s people.

PPR63 Pipe Extrusion Line; PVC110 Pipe Extrusion Line; PE250 Pipe Extrusion Line; PE1200 Pipe Extrusion Line

Thanks for all works done by Xinrong. We are statisfied with Xinrong’s machinery, Xinrong’s service and Xinrong’s people.

PPR63 Double Layer Pipe Extruder Line, PE250 Pipe Extrusion Line

We have checked many companies and finally cooperate with Xinrong. After more than two years working, machine is still working in good condition.

PE315 Pipe Extrusion Line, PE600 Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line

I am very happy to give feed back about Xinrong and its machinery. Service in time, response time within 12 hours, machine is good and this time machinery is working in our workshop continuously without stopping for 20 days. We are happy to get machiney from Xinrong.

PE710 Pipe Extrusion Line, PE2000 Steel Belt Reinforced Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line

We are very satisfied with Xinrong’s machine. We are confident to extend our market with quality products produced by quality machines.

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