RTP/TCP Pipe Production Line

Our RTP/TCP pipe production line can produce pipe size range from Ø50-630mm.
The RTP (thermoplastic reinforced pipe)/TCP (thermoplastic composite pipe) is mainly used as high pressure and non-metallic pieps use for oil and gas industries. However, it can also be used for water supply and district heating.
By changing the inner layer material, the RTP/TCP pipe can working under different temperature and circumstance. Also, by changing number of reinforced machine and reinforced material, RTP/TCP will have different working pressure.


Detailed Images

Advantage of PVC Pipe:

  • Compared with steel pipe, RTP/TCP pipe has lower cost under same pressure level.
  • RTP/TCP pipe is flexible and can coiled in roll, which means long length to reduce installation and transportation cost compared with steel pipe.
  • Small flow resistance, good wear resistance and corrosion resistance compared with steel pipe.
  • RTP/TCP pipe can work under very high pressure which pure plastic pipes can not.
  • Under same pressure level, RTP/TCP pipe has lower cost compared with PO pipes.
  • By changing the plastic material and reinforced material, RTP/TCP pipe will have different pressure level and can work in different conditions.


Model Pipe Range (mm) Line Speed (m/min)
RTP250 50-250 0.5-2.0
RTP315 110-315 0.3-1.5
RTP630 250-630 0.2-1.2