PVC-O Pipe Extrusin Line

Our PVC-O pipe extrusion machine can produce PVC-O pipe size range from Ø110 to Ø630mm for PN5 to 25, and Material Class 315 to 500.

PVC-O pipe (biaxially oriented polyvinyl chloride pipe) can be used for water supply, minging, gas supply, etc.

We use one step forming method to produce PVC-O pipe which has advantage of less space, low electricity and labour cost, less material waste.


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Advantage of PVC Pipe:

  • Compared with PVC-U pipe, PVC-O have advantage of higher strength, higher toughness, higher impact resistance, fatigue resistance. Performance of PVC-O pipe under -20℃ is even higher than PVC-U pipe under 20℃.
  •  Under same pressure class, compared with PVC-U and HDPE pipe, PVC-O pipe wall thickness is much lower, and its material consumption can be reduced by more than 50%.
  • Because of the low wall thickness, PVC-O pipe has bigger inner diameter which has more water convey capacity.
  • Because of its light weight, PVC-O pipe is more convenient to install and transportation cost is lower than other kinds of plastic pipes.


Model Pipe Range (mm) Material Class/MRS (max) Main Motor Power (KW)
PVCO250 110-250 500 45
PVCO450 200-450 75
PVCO630 250-630 110