PPR Pipe Extrusin Line

Our PPR pipe extrusion machine can produce PPR size range from Ø16 to Ø160mm.
PPR pipe is mainly used for cold water and hot water supply. When used for supplying hot water, PPR pipe can working at max temperature of 95℃. And it can continuous working for 50 years at temperature of 70℃.
Adding additional extruder and changing die head structure can produce PPR fiberglass composite pipe.
We can provide different PPR pipe extrusion lines: normal or high speed, single or multi-layer, single or double strand.


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Advantage of PVC Pipe:

  • Hygienic and non-toxic: pure water can flow inside the pipeline system.
  • Good heat resistance: short-term use temperature can reach 95℃, continuous use under the conditions of temperature 70℃ can reach 50 years.
  • Corrosion resistance, non-scaling: no reaction with other chemical elements in the water.
  • Light weight, high strength, good toughness, impact resistance.
  • Thermal insulation and energy saving: the thermal conductivity at 20°C is only 2% of that of metal pipes, which is very effective for heat preservation and energy saving when transporting hot water.
  • Small fluid resistance: the inner wall of the pipe is smooth and will not scale, and the roughness coefficient of the inner wall is much lower than that of the metal pipe.
  • Reliable connection: butt heat fusion connection and pipe joint connection, no leakage of pipe connection section.


Model Pipe Range (mm) Output Capacity (kg/h) Main Motor Power (kw)
PPR63 16-63 150-260 45-75
PPR63S* 16-63(x2) 260-450 75-132
PPR110 20-110 190-320 55-90
PPR160 50-160 260-400 75-110