PEX-AL-PEX Pipe Machine

Our PEX-AL-PEX composite pipe extrusion line produce pipe size range from Ø16-63mm.

This pipe is five layer structure: plastic layer (can be PEX, PERT, PE, PP or PPR) – adhesive layer – aluminum layer – adhesive layer – plastic layer (can be PEX, PE or PERT). And the aluminum layer is formed by ultrasonic overlap welding.

Our machine can form five layer in one step, to save machine space and increase stability, production yield can reach 98%, line speed is also higher.

In addition, pipe made by one step has higher quality, as all material are extruded and integrated at one time, no need to reheat material again. In this way, adhesion between each layer is much better.


Machine Main Feature:

  • Whole line is controlled by PLC, operation is easy and stable.
  • Five-layer forming in one step, with higher production speed and yield, pipe quality is good.
  • Ultrasonic welding machine are imported from US, with welding with higher speed and good quality.
  • Key parts are imported, main parts are manufactured locally which ensures low machine cost.

Machine Main Parameter:

Model Pipe Diameter Range (mm) Line Speed (m/min) Total Power (KW)
XRL32 16 – 32 7 – 15 90
XRL63 16 – 63 2 – 15 120