PE Hollow Wall Winding Pipe Extrusin Line

Our PE hollow wall winding pipe extrusion machine can produce pipe size range from Ø200-3000mm.
We are one of the drafters of nation standard for hollow wall winding pipe.
PE hollow wall winding pipe is mainly used for water drainage, same as double wall corrugated pipe. Compared with double wall corrugated pipe, it have advantages of low machine investment cost and larger pipe diameter.
With different design of profile tube our machinery can produce pipes of different ring stiffness that adapt to different conditions and fields.


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Advantage of PVC Pipe:

  • Stable chemical properties: not corroded by sewage, wastewater and chemicals, and not corroded by rotting substances in the soil.
  • Good impact resistance: The pipe wall adopts a special structure, which is resistant to impact and pressure, and has large elastic deformation and is not easy to damage.
  • Anti-aging: the service life of PE hollow wall winding pipe can reach more than 50 years under normal use.
    Adapt to a wide range of temperature: under the conditions of -80 ℃ to 60 ℃, the pipe will not freeze or swell and leak water.
  • Light weight: the pipe wall adopts a hollow structure, which saves raw materials, is convenient for transportation, and is convenient for construction without large construction equipment.
  • Convenient connection: the pipe can be connected outside the trench first, and then pushed into the trench. Can reduce construction time and engineering costs.
  • Good wear resistance: wear-resistant than steel pipes and cement pipes.
  • Large water flow rate: good drainage and smooth inner wall.
  • Economical: low raw material cost, low construction, management and maintenance costs.
  • Environmental protection: HDPE is harmless to the soil and can be completely recycled.


Model Pipe Range (mm) Output Capacity (kg/h) Main Motor Power (kw)
XCR500 200 – 500 450 – 500 110+22
XCR800 200 – 800 250 – 500 (55+15) – (110+22)
XCR1200 300 – 1200 450 – 500 110+22
XCR1600 500 – 1600 900 – 1000 185+55
XCR2400 1000 – 2400 1300 – 1400 315+90
XCR3200 1600 – 3200 1600 – 1800 355+110