Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusin Line

Our double wall corrugated pipe extrusion machine can produce pipe size range from Ø63-1200mm. Double wall corrugated pipe is mainly used for water drainage and ventilation. Usually, double wall corrugated pipe is PE material. But changing extruder type can produce PVC double wall corrugated pipe. We have three different types of corrugated pipe machine for your choice: horizontal type, vertical type and shuttle type.


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Advantage of PVC Pipe:

  • Strong resistance to external pressure: the outer layer has a ring-shaped corrugated structure, which greatly enhances the ring stiffness of the pipe, thereby enhancing the resistance of the pipe to soil loads. In this performance, double-wall corrugated pipe has obvious advantages compared with other pipes.
  • Low cost: under the same ring stiffness requirements, double-wall corrugated pipes only need thinner pipe walls to meet the requirements. Therefore, compared with solid-wall pipes in same material and specifications, it can save about half of the raw materials, so the cost of double-wall corrugated pipes is also lower.
  • Convenient construction: as the double-wall corrugated pipe is light in weight, it is easy to transport and connect, so the construction is quick and the maintenance is simple.
  • The friction coefficient is small and the flow rate is large. The double-wall corrugated pipe made of HDPE material has good low temperature resistance and impact resistance.
  • Good chemical stability: The double-wall corrugated pipe is made of plastic materials, such as HDPE, PP, PVC. These plastic materials have good chemical stability.
  • Long service life: The service life of the double-wall corrugated pipe can reach more than 50 years under normal use.
  • Excellent wear resistance: tests have proved that the wear resistance of double wall corrugated pipe is even several times higher than that of steel pipe.
  • Appropriate degree of deflection: certain length of double-wall corrugated pipe can be slightly deflected when aligned, and will not be affected by a certain degree of uneven ground sedimentation. It can be directly laid in a slightly non-straight groove without pipe fittings.


Model Pipe Range (mm) Corrugator Type Output Capacity (kg/h) Main Motor Power (kw)
WPE160 63 – 160 Horizontal 400 55+45
WPE250 75 – 250 Horizontal 400 – 520 (55+45) – (75+55)
WPE400 200 – 400 Horizontal 740 – 1080 (110+75) – (160+110)
WPE600 200 – 600 Vertical / Shuttle 1080 – 1440 (160+110) – (200+160)
WPE800 200 – 800 Vertical / Shuttle 1520 – 1850 (220+160) – (280+200)
WPE1200 400 – 1200 Vertical / Shuttle 1850 – 2300 (280+200) – (355+280)